Internet of Things (IoT) for rural councils

Learn from industry experts on how IoT (sensor) devices are being used by Councils to help drive data driven decision making.  No longer are decisions made on gut feel, see how with a small investment sensor technology can be utilised not only by council but also your community to unlock better decision making within Councils and innovation within your community.

Innovation in rural area

Learn how to foster innovation within your rural council.  Creating jobs and pathways to help retain the regions youth, rather than losing them to the big cities.


Public WiFi

Should Council be investing in public WiFi, what are the benefits/pitfalls, can it be done on a shoestring budget?  How do Councils expect to digitally transform if our community can only connect with us through analogue means, providing ‘connectivity’ is a pillar in forming a smart community.


Data Analytics

If everything is connected (IoT style) what do I do with all this data.  Let Ben Gower take you through Wattle Range Councils experience on how they are using Power BI to visualise data and drive better decision making.

Other topics to be discussed:

  • Smart Lighting for rural councils
  • People counting / usage statistics
  • Technology and tourism
  • Open Data
  • Much more